Registration for new students takes place, firstly at the start of our year in September and we also welcome new students to register up as far as the start of our second term in January.  After that time we recommend that new students wait until the following September to register.

Our next Registration Day is Saturday 21st September 2019 from 10am to 1pm in Draíocht.

Stagezone Terms and Show Dates

Stagezone runs for three terms throughout the year, leading up to an end of year show.

Term Dates

Term 1 :  Friday and Saturday 27th / 28th September - Friday and Saturday 13th / 14th December 2019 (12 weeks, inclusive)

Term 2:  Details to be added later

Term 3:  Details to be added later

Stagezone on Stage 2020

Our end of year show happens in June 2020, dates and times will be announced later in the year.


Class Times